Alone Show

Dr. Nicole Apelian starred in Season 2 and Season 5 of the History Channel’s hit television show Alone. 

In both seasons, you can watch Nicole and 9 others survive the wilderness with only their wits, their survival skills, and just ten items they were allowed to take with them.

Alone Season 2: Vancouver Island 

Ten people entered the Vancouver Island wilderness carrying only what they could fit in a small backpack. They were left all ALONE in a harsh, unforgiving terrain with a single mission – stay alive for as long as they can. These brave men and women had to hunt, build shelters, and fend off predatory animals like bears and cougars. They endured extreme isolation and psychological distress as they were plunge into the unknown and left to document the experience themselves. No camera crew. No producers. No gimmicks…only the ultimate test of human will and ingenuity. 

A little know fact, not aired at that time is what happened to Nicole on day 42. While gutting a fish by a nearby creek, she accidentally cut her knuckle. The cut would have probably become infected and forced her out…but Nicole decided to once again put her plant knowledge to the test. Using only two, who were growing around her – Usnea and Yarrow – she stopped the bleeding, sanitized the wound and today, there’s barely a scar left. 

Dr. Nicole Apelian made it for a full 57 days on her own, and decided to quit only when her motherly instincts told her that her sons desperately needed her back home. It turned out she was right, but her performance is still one of the best female endurance feats of all seasons. 

While each Alone contestant had a list of 40 items to choose from, these are the ten items Nicole selected to bring on her survival journey to Vancouver Island in Season 2: 

1. Knife 2. Ferro rod 3. 16-inch stainless steel pan 4. Fishing lines and hooks 5. Folding saw 6. 23-inch splitting ax 7. Sleeping bag 8. Gill net 9. Food ration 10.Food ration 

Alone Season 5: Northern Mongolia

Because of her incredible performance especially in regards to her MS, Nicole was invited back to ALONE for season 5 along with 9 other former participants. This was the crowd favorite edition and Nicole looked poised to make triumphant comeback. Sadly, because of an error made by the producers, her MS flared up again and she was forced to be helicoptered out a few days into the season.

These are the ten items Nicole selected to bring on her survival journey to Mongolia in Season 5: 

1. Knife 2. Saw 3. Sleeping bag 4. Ferro rod 5. Multitool 6. Pot 7. Fishing lines and hooks 8. Gill net 9. Trapping wire 10. Food ration